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Founded in 2003, Busking Engineering Services is an engineering consulting firm specializing in providing process design and planning services for the water and wastewater industry.   The company’s president, Cathy Busking, P.E., brings 20 years of engineering experience and the goal of setting the highest standards of engineering professionalism and customer satisfaction. Busking Engineering achieves this through a program of quality engineering and dedication to technical excellence unmatched among small firms.

Why choose Busking Engineering Services

We believe that the best way to achieve customer satisfaction is to focus intensively on client needs and then look for the technology that best meets these requirements. At Busking Engineering, our goal is to create the best possible long term engineering solutions by taking input from all stakeholders and incorporating that input into a comprehensive design that recognizes strategic, operational, and maintenance-driven needs.

A flexible work approach enables Busking Engineering Services to meet the needs of our clients with quality and integrity.  Busking Engineering will integrate as a member of your multi-discipline team, work on independent projects, or act as the sole provider for your design or study.